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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 2, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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not far from the san carlos airport. len ramirez on how so many people tried to help in the rescue effort. len. >> reporter: a lots of people onshore and boats tried to help but there was nothing they could do. at this point, recovery efforts have been halted pending an investigation by the ntsb which is en route to the scene. now, we also have confirmation today that three people were killed in the plane crash. one of them a very well known world war ii pilot. his name is bob borrmann. he was 91 years old. long-time resident of belmont, president of bore plan steel of east palo alto. he flew many b-17 bomber missions over germany and he won the air medal with oak leaf cluster. so a very illustrious flying career ended today. borrmann was one of three people killed when his twin engine plane crashed in the water shortly after take-off. reporter: fishermen, kayakers and even bystanders who swam out to the submerged plane were the first ones to
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reach the crash scene. >> i kind of came in and nosed on over. >> reporter: seconds earlier dozens of witnesses from nearby buildings watched the plane roll over and nosedive into the redwood shores lagoon. >> i heard the plane come around the corner coming a lot louder than most planes fly through the area. i looked up, it came around the corner. the wing tip was already pointing downward so the wings were already vertical to the ground and it nosed over and went straight nose into the water. >> reporter: the twin-engine beech 65 queen aircraft had just taken off from the san carlos airport reportedly en route to san martin. others say the plane sounded like it was having engine trouble. >> we heard a plane coming that sounded very low. we were over here at the restaurant and didn't sound right, kind of clackety clack, and then thump. >> reporter: the fire department says the rescue attempts were recovery efforts with one fatality and possibly two other passengers and/or pilot missing. >> two firefighters went into the water swam out to the plane looked inside and found the female victim of the crash.
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they were able to bring her back to the shore and determined that she was deceased. >> reporter: one other witness who saw the plane crash said it appeared the pilot deliberately steered into the water away from nearby buildings. >> it's absolutely horrible to watch. i mean, this guy aimed for the water. he knew he was going to hit a building. you could tell. >> reporter: besides mr. borrmann two other people were killed in the crash, we don't have their identities but they have been tentatively identified as his pilot. he was too oldto fly so he flew with a pilot, and the pilot's girlfriend. we learned today they were on the way to san martin for what would have been a routine flight worthiness inspection for his aircraft. that was due -- something they have to do every year, and he was flying down to san martin to have that done when this unfortunate mishap happened here. >> len ramirez, thank you. well, tonight the pieces are starting to fall into place now on the
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bizarre murder spree that involves four location in the east bay and at least five dead people. spotting a car police in pleasant hill shootout valdemoro's tire. he is still able to lead police on a high-speed chase to richmond where chp officers confront him and shoot him when he refuses to drop a meat cleaver. in valdemoro's car they find the body of cindy tran strangled. in hercules, at a home owned by cindy tran, police discover the body of her tenant, 73-year-old ricardo sales. still missing is sales' son east bay and at least five dead people. frederick. investigatorss also discovered explosives and more explosives were found at a separate
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storage facility nearby. police were met by charles rittenhouse a chemical engineer who apparently been living with the dead bodies for days. rittenhouse is held on the explosives charges. meanwhile a cadillac escalade belonging to rittenhouse was found yesterday in a park lot. police have been searching the area for the missing frederick sales. while his fate is unclear, we know rittenhouse the man in custody is a chemical engineer. he was arrested at the property where the two women were found dead. tonight, rittenhouse is at a solano county jail as authorities try to sort out how he is involved in this complicated case. simon perez with what we know so far. >> reporter: this house is where the two decomposing bodies were found one inside and one out in the backyard. in just a moment we are going to show that you scene in the backyard. but first, rittenhouse lived here. he appears to be the only survivor in this sordid tale so police definitely are trying to talk to him see what he knows about those bodies but also
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what he knows about the uranium found here. reporter: this is charles rittenhouse apparently the last man alive in what appears to be a multicity multiday killing spree. these are images of the yard behind his house where one of the bodies is buried. you can see what investigators have left behind. strangely, these black pants cut down the seams seem to be spread out beside what appears to be the abandoned crime scene. also, we found these barrels are mostly japanese writing on them except for this clear english: toxic. atf officials have confirmed they discovered a bottle of depleted uranium in their search of rittenhouse's home. >> we are trying to figure out what rittenhouse's involvement was in the homicide. he is currently still at the solano county jail on charges of possession of explosive chemicals. >> unless he is in a science class, i can't imagine any real good reason why he would have it in his home especially if there is any quantity.
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>> reporter: depleted uranium is twice as heavy as lead and it's used in aircraft counterweights, medical radius shields andarmor- penetrating ammunition. rittenhouse worked at goodrich in fairfield. the company there described him as a 16-year employee in good standing who worked on chemicals for equipment that helped pilots eject from jets. the company says it does not use uranium. the other body was found inside the home and what has investigators so disturbed is that when they showed up, the stench was overwhelming. the flies swarming. >> when he was advised that they located the bodies in the residence, his reaction is not one what one would believe a normal person would react. >> reporter: in the driveway, we found a car with rittenhouse's identification hanging from the rear view mirror. the language says pyrotechnics. in the back of the car, piles of books, books about sex. the titles include:
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parisian frolicks, tale of a french gentleman who whiled away the days in many a parisian house of delight, lascivious scenes at the convent where lower abbess oversees a flock of 25 pretty young ladies eager to experience the ways of the world. and the amorous adventures of a japanese gentleman, three fortunate young sailors on leave in japan are the guests of a virile and generous merchant. investigators say rittenhouse is talking to them although he won't say what's he is saying that's helpful in the investigation. rittenhouse will be in court tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you, simon perez. we have just learned new information about a fight between valdemoro and the two salesmen, the father and son, that may have triggered the deadly chain of events. the august 22 fight left valdemoro battered and bruised. it happened at the home owned by cindy tran in hercules where she rented rooms to the salesmen. sherry hu is looking through that police station report.
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sherry. >> reporter: according to this police report, that was just released within the past hour, that sunday morning fight was started by a letter valdemoro wrote to ricardo sales calling him a liar and back stabber and telling him to stay out of his relationship with cindy tran. now, police officer broke under the fight, took photos of valdemoro's swollen left eye and valdemoro said he wanted to press charges against both the father and son. of those four people now, three are dead, one is missing. hercules police are following leads to try to find frederick sales. meanwhile, friends and family we saw today are mourning cindy tran. one of the workstations is empty today at devon salon. a client came by and she had tears in her eyes as she talked about her hairstylist, cindy tran. >> whenever you walked in there, she would call you by name and she would say, hi. there was never any bad thing about her. she always talked about her sons and... [ crying ]
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>> i just can't believe that somebody so evil could do something like what he did. >> reporter: tran's coworkers cried today, too. these two say efren valdemoro the man police call tran's boyfriend and killer was quiet, on occasion he would pick up tran or bring her lunch. >> just a normal person. i mean, just a normal person. we never thought of him capable of doing things like this. that's why we're kind of like shocked. very shocked. >> reporter: flowers were left at the salon today and also delivered to the hercules home where one of tran's sons lives. in a soft-spoken voice, he told us the family didn't have anything to say. his mother, police say, owned the home on crepe myrtle drive where 73-year-old ricardo sales was found bludgeoned to death. sales' body was discovered saturday less than a week after he and his missing son frederick had a fight with valdemoro. the elder sales worked as a bank security guard inside the vallejo safeway for more than a year. it's in the same mall as devon salon.
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>> cindy tran was working with investigators to some extent speaking about the case and about the surroundings of the case. so investigators had spoken with her since the discovery of the deceased on saturday. they had spoken with her regularly. >> reporter: now, investigators searched an area behind some office buildings where the missing cadillac escalade valdemoro had been driving was found. now, allen, frederick sales worked at doctors medical center in san pablo and today, the staff put out a statement saying that they are working with the police and hope that he is found and is safer. >> thank you, sherry hu in hercules. as police conduct autopsies on the two women found at the home in vallejo, one. the women's husbands, charles rittenhouse also appear in court tomorrow. we know this is all very complicated. you can read all the details on our website, just like i was, they were
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desperate looking for a job, as well. >> a lot of people out there desperate to work. not for free. the bay area restaurant accused of making job applicants toil for hours for nothing. student athletes made to at a a genetic test. why it's being done and the questions it's raising. and the electric debate over pg&e's smartmeters. the results of a state investigation that likely won't silence the critics. ,, [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ]
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now ople agree to in these tough economic times, it is very difficult to find a job. and now it seems some people agree to take no pay just to get in the door. linda yee reports, it is an illegal practice, but some workers feel they just can't complain about it. reporter: joe diaz was looking for a summer job.
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he never expected to work an eight-hour shift for no pay. >> i have never been to like a training where i haven't been paid. you're always supposed to get paid, right? >> reporter: he applied to work as a bus boy here at shanghai club restaurant in burlingame. he was told to try out a shift. he wasn't the only free help. >> when i went to fill out the application, there were two other people who came in almost exactly when i did. and they appeared later that night with me at the restaurant for their trial. >> reporter: he says they all thought the tryout was unusual but they did it anyway. >> just like i was, they were desperately looking for a job as well. >> reporter: in san francisco, lesion waited tables at a chinatown restaurant six hours a day six days a week. she was paid $5 an hour, less than minimum wage. [ foreign language ] >> i didn't complain because coming to the u.s. as a new immigrant, we were all just very happy to have a job at all. >> reporter: she considered
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herself lucky. other workers sometimes waited months for a paycheck. [ foreign language ] >> ten months i'm not getting paid. they have received paychecks that all bounced. >> reporter: researchers at uc- berkeley and uc-san francisco collaborated with an association on a study focusing on the health and working conditions of san francisco chinatown restaurants. they found rampant violations of federal and state minimum wage laws. >> it's the year 2010 and yet there are sweatshop conditions still existing throughout the city and throughout the country. >> reporter: cbs 5 has learned more than half of worker claims reported to san francisco's office of labor standards enforcement are against the restaurant industry. in the past three years, there were 162 claims, and restaurants have paid out more than $1.5 million in recovered wages. the agency also has the power to shut down businesses. >> san francisco's minimum wage
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ordinance does empower the city to revoke a business's license, but the vast majority of our cases never get anywhere near that. >> reporter: that's little consolation for joe diaz. at the end of his tryout day he didn't get the job but he says the restaurant manager did say -- >> i'll give you a call. but you can definitely come in for another "trial." >> hi, i'm linda yee from channel 5. >> reporter: so we went to the manager. he did admit to us by phone potential employees work for free as a test. but just for a few hours. and he said according to his lawyer, it's legal. but the department of labor says, it's illegal. a violation of federal and state minimum wage laws. >> i would agree it's exploitive. >> reporter: kevin wesley of the golden gate restaurant association says it's immoral to try out people like joe diaz to bus tables without paying
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them. >> it's really not a lot of skill that they couldn't demonstrate,i.e., can you carry a trayful of glassware, you could do that during the job interview. >> i never thought i would be used like that? it definitely feels really bad. >> reporter: but in desperate times, there are few choices. linda yee, cbs 5. firefighters able to get a handle on a small grassfire in east san jose. those flames started actually about 3:00 this afternoon near mount pleasant and clayton roads. only three acres burned but at one point you can see here the fire threatened at least two homes. this comes as the bay area is dealing with another day of triple-digit temperatures in spots. roberta in the weather center to see has the heat wave timed out? >> it will tame down tonight. it will begin to calm down later on tonight because i notice a little thin layer of stratus in the form of some low clouds and fog and around the monterey bay area, that's looking north. it will gradually hit our local beaches but until then that's the scene in the mount vaca area where we did have a high
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temperature of 101 degrees and see that haze? that is exactly why bay area air quality district has called for yet another day of "spare the air" for your friday. that will be the third consecutive day and the fifth day so far this summer season. here you have a little bit of the stratus. it is making its way towards our beaches where the temperatures have now dipped into the low 60s after realizing highs in the mid-70s. if you are out and about on this thursday evening, it is so pleasant inland where the temperatures are still in the 90s. 80s bayside. and again we do have that stratus moving in. tonight on cbs 5, we host the san francisco 49ers against the san diego chargers. game time temperature in the low 70s. all right. so our pinpoint forecast does call for that stratus to move in overnight. trying to play tag with the tri-valley, for the most part it's a very shallow deck of low clouds and fog. i'm going to bring down the
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numbers around the seashore, a modest cooling inland. tonight for the most part in the 50s across the board. tomorrow's daytime highs anywhere from 68 degrees in pacifica to the 90s inland. we have your labor day forecast, dana, allen, that's still coming up. >> okay, roberta. thanks. all right. so a rabbi and a minister go to a vineyard. no, seriously. it's the time of year for the blessing of the grapes in the bay area. [ foreign language ] >> a rabbi and priest presiding over the harvest blessing in the livermore valley. nearly 50 wineries will put together more than 15,000 tons of grapes over the next two months and this weekend the valley celebrates the harvest with special events through labor day. a specific genetic test for athletes, and why some feel they are being unfairly
6:20 pm
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go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. critics. mething new tests for college athletes raising a flag for some critics, not something students can learn out of a textbook. mike sugerman reports this test is for a blood condition that can be deadly. >> reporter: college student athletes are getting ready for their fall sports. and getting ready for all the tests that go along with being a students. a new test just for the athletes dictated by the national police and athletic association. >> as of 2010, the ncaa has now mandated that all its member institutions determine the sickel cell trait status for all new in coming athlete. >> reporter: he has been giving blood tests for weeks. 21 college football players have died the past couple of
6:23 pm
decades. a third of them carried the sickle cell trait which is deadly when people with it expert themselves too much. >> under extreme exertion, that a normal red blood cell turns from a round shape to a half moon shape or a sickle shape that affects muscles, kidney and heart. >> reporter: the test comes after the ncaa was sued by the parents of one athlete who died. the tests are controversial. it's nothing to do with the medicine. instead some people say it's aimed at a particular group of people. 75% of sickle cell victims are black. many africans over the generation developed it because it did serve a purpose. it helped prevent malaria. >> it is a larger percentage. but still, you are concerned about the health and welfare of every student athlete. >> reporter: san jose state's director of sports medicine says in fact tests have shown some of his athletes have the sickle cell trait. but they haven't been prevented from playing as some critics
6:24 pm
have worried would happen. >> they participate. we are aware if they are suffering symptoms, then we would hold them out of certain drills and exercise. >> reporter: critics say no one should have to go through such tough drills in the first place. mike sugerman, cbs 5. a lot of anger and questions about those new smartmeters. so what does the latest investigation have to say about it? >> there were no answers to my questions. >> what we learned and did not learn from the public utilities commission today and why the smart meter debate probably will not end anytime soon. desperate to save some money, another bay area city on the cusp of disbanding its police department. oh, lord, that ain't right. >> and what $15 million in budget cuts would mean for anyone who relies on a.c. transit. ,,,,,,,,,,
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this." (10-032) i got a bill in december for $1,107. there has to be a mistake. >> even people who have been able to shield their homes from cell towers are not going to be shielded from this. >> the last bill i received is
6:28 pm
$380. and how come i don't know? >> they are going to be exposed 24/7 every minute to pullses in homes or businesses. >> eye-popping power bills, people afraid of being bombarded with radio waves. it's very hard to recall a utility uproar like that over the pg&e smartmeters. today the california public utilities commission issued its long-awaited decision on the new technology. as julie watts shows us, one thing is certain. it won't end the debate. >> reporter: the public utility commission blasted pg&e's customer service saying, they essentially ignored many customer complaints. but when it comes down to the actual hardware, the report finds those smartmeters are in fact accurate. the one thing the report doesn't mention, however, is a primary concern for many and that was front and center at today's public hearing. >> when i arrived for the meet there is were no answer to my questions. most of the questions were
6:29 pm
about rf emissions. >> i believe it's incumbent upon you to hold public hearings on the health effects on emfs and rhs in general. >> reporter: one after another people gave emotion testimony after the puc report was released not about the inaccuracy of smartmeter but about their potential health effects. >> there are 120,000 electromagnetically sensitive people in california who cannot work according to the california department of health services. all of us will be affected by these wireless meters. >> reporter: according to pg&e, its smartmeters send out a wireless signal every hour and while numerous stots find those types of radio frequencies to be safe, it's been a point contention and wasn't addressed by the puc investigation. for their, part pg&e says customers should not worry. they say the rf signal is it actually weaker than of that a cell phone. but that's not good enough for many who say, they want an option to opt out. >> a lot of our viewers have said, well, listen, i've choice whether or not i want to expose
6:30 pm
myself to that cell phone signal. would you be willing to give customers the choice as to whether or not they want to expose themselves to this rf signal? >> the smartmeter is the foundation of the smart grid. so neither the california public utilities commission nor any of the companies have really thought about an opt out. >> reporter: securities and other concern not clearly covered in the puc report. many question the hacking of smartmeter readings to determine when you're away. how can you assure our viewers that won't happen? >> it's not something we talk about publicly because that's inviting a hacker. >> reporter: so are you saying they cannot be hacked? >> i'm saying that pg&e and our vendors follow all of the best practices in data security. >> reporter: now, numerous local governments are citing these types of security and health concerns as they push for smartmeter moratoriums and even all-out bans. but ultimately it's the puck which has jurisdiction and it's -- it's the puc which has jurisdiction and it's not sure how they will proceed as they just got the report this
6:31 pm
morning. in the newsroom, julie watts, cbs 5. a big vote tonight in san carlos. the city council is holding a spec meeting to decide if it should disband the city's police department. services would be contracted out to the san mateo county sheriff's office. the move would save that city about $2 million a year. none of the san carlos officers would lose their jobs. they would all become sheriff's deputies. the san carlos police chief says the average citizen will hardly notice a difference. alameda's fire cheese was paid on paid administrative leave today. dave kapler's been gassing up his bmw convertible and honda truck on the city's tab for the past three years. he says it was part of his paid deal that he cut with the former city manager. but no one at city hall has been able to find a record of that agreement. kapler's salary is nearly $200,000. if you ride a.c. transit, it has been a brutal summer. you know. the unofficial sickout delayed service for days on end. and now things could get much
6:32 pm
worse. more than half of all weekend service and many late-night routes may be cut to close a $15 million budget hole. the agency blames the union, the union blames the agency. and riders as always stuck in the middle. here's a sample of what was said inside and outside last night's public hearing. >> you're lying. >> nobody wants to cut anybody's salary. but at the same time, nobody wants to cut service. and one of those things is going to have to give. >> i think a.c. transit i think really kind of went too far. i thought they should have bargained with the union. you know? so knowing them, now. >> oh, lord, that ain't right. >> and they shouldn't take that out on the people. they need to come to agreement so -- because we like i mean without them i mean how is people going to get to they jobs? >> i this is the service cuts
6:33 pm
are so deep that -- i think the service cuts are so deep that everybody will be impacted, all routes, all weekend service will be impacted in some way, shape or form. >> i never seen it this bad in 20 years. >> let the a.c. transit come to and agreement. let them know that people really needs to get on the bus. >> they need to do whatever they got to do because i mean i think if that happens it's going to be -- the economy is going to get worse. people aren't going to make it to they jobs. >> the board will now look over the proposed cuts and vote on september 22nd. if approved, those cuts take effect in december. well, ahead, something you probably didn't learn in kindergarten. [ foreign language ] >> a burglary school bay area school teaching children a second language and history. >> an idea developed many years ago to bring the local flavor in. >> it's that time year and if you can't smell it, you can
6:34 pm
certainly see it in the air. and coming up in sports, the 9ers are back on the field tonight. you can see the game right here on cbs 5. we'll check in with dennis in just a few minutes. and who is this guy? the giants have a new rookie who can fly around the bases. i'm telling you, this kid is good. you'll hear from him. that and more coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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learn a second language. ifer mistrot shows it's pretty much a given that the younger you are, the easier it is to learn a language. jennifer mistrot shows us a program of kindergarteners speaking reporter: this is the second day of miss wang's kindergarten class. the kids are jazzed. mandarin. jennifer mistrot shows us a program of kindergarten speaking mandarin. reporter: this is the second day of miss wang's kindergarten class. the kids are jazzed. they are learning the world's most spoken language.
6:37 pm
it's the first year of the fremont school district's mandarin immersion program. >> in a nutshell, they are going to learn the culture. they are going to learn the language. and they are going to be educated in all the same standards. >> reporter: same course work any other california kindergartener gets except they will spend 90% of their classroom time counting, singing and speaking chinese. these mini language wizards are chosen by lottery and come from classes throughout the district. the goal is to create bilingual citizens. >> we're mexican and italian and just very mixed american family so as far as her knowing mandarin or knowing chinese culture, i thought that was something else just to expose her two. >> reporter: most of the kids have at least one chinese parent but english is still the first language at home. families and teachers wanted some options. the school budget is tight. so fundraising by parents paid for books and other stuff the kids use to learn mandarin. [ mandarin ] >> reporter: the fun and laughter are free. the hope is that this group will
6:38 pm
move up, grade by grade together. the idea is that anyone can and should learn a second language. [ mandarin ] [ foreign language ] [ foreign language ] >> bravo, jen! well, the next time you log on to facebook, you can help a san jose school recover from a devastating arson fire. trace elementary school suffered millions of dollars in damage in july. and now the school is competing for a half million dollars from kohl's. the department store is divvying up $10 million in grants to the 20 schools that
6:39 pm
get the most votes. >> so basically, you get on facebook, go to kohl's care, and you can vote five times for one school. so we want everybody to vote for trace elementary school. and it will just support them for the next two years. they will be able to get great programs and they can basically spend it on anything they want, $500,000. >> and as of this morning, merritt trace elementary school was ranked number 32. the deadline is tomorrow. coming up, a nice little nod to the season. we'll show you who gets the job of going up there to make that happen. and i got a big job for you here forecasting your labor day holiday weekend. that's still straight ahead as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"he's a ...." if you ve ever been to a game at at&t park - you know the chant from the what's the matter with manny! he's a -- you fill in the blank. now, if you have ever been to a game at at&t park, now that chant. it comes from the outfield
6:43 pm
bleachers. it's a colorful crowd and often a wee bit rambunctious! but adair in sausalito wants to know why are they called bleachers anyway? ken bastida has tonight's "good question. >> high drive... left field... out of here! >> athletes are bums. you have to have bleachers bleachers. i'm not sure what we have here. but -- >> reporter: but we have bleachers way out beyond the outfield fence at at&t park. and for a fraction of a seat behind home, you can put your butt on a bench and watch a baseball game like they did 100 years ago. >> far off into the center field bleachers. >> the term "bleachers" has been around since the late 1800s. back in the old ballparks, any seating area that was exposed, you know, out to the elements mainly out in the outfield, they were made with big wooden planks, boards. >> reporter: giants vice president mario alioto says they started calling them
6:44 pm
bleachers for a reason. >> the bottom line is they were always made of wood and the wood bleaches in the sun, therefore we have bleachers. >> reporter: virtually every major league park has its bleachers section but more often than not the stiff uncomfortable boards have given way to a sort of new age aluminum plank. >> you have a little curve. it's a little more comfortable. >> reporter: a lot more. >> yeah. it's fine. there's nothing wrong with putting your drink on the floor. you need a cup holder. >> reporter: many fans prefer sitting out here. it's a little more old school baseball and a lot more intimate. bleacher etiquette, this is not cool? doing this to the guy in front of you? >> that's not good. and when you get up and walk to your seat, with food in your hand, you have to be real careful. >> reporter: i need your good questions. send them to me at >> no kicking anybody in the back. you have a fear of heights, this next story might make your palms a little sweaty. with the college football season here, somebody has to change those giant flags on san
6:45 pm
francisco's skyscrapers. zach heene shows us the view from up there. >> reporter: the san francisco skyline has many world famous buildings but this one standing 50 stories tall is the third tallest in the city. it's known as the california center. sitting in the shadow of the transamerica building, but it has a unique tradition and we are going to take you there all the way to the top. but there is more than just this great view. these two signature flag towers fly the american flag most of the time. >> they are, you know, our skyline element if you will. so they would they are what sets us apart and the flags are a major feature as far as the edges steer yor of the property. with the opening of the college football season, this coming saturday, we as is our tradition will run up our cal and stanford flags. >> reporter: chief engineer tim dans has his crews swap out the flags several times a year.
6:46 pm
>> okay, guys, go ahead, bring them up. >> reporter: so what kind of flags are ready to fly? >> we keep a good stock of american flags because they fly th most. we have the one california state flag that we fly occasionally, giants and as as well as 49ers, raiders. >> reporter: adding more character to the skyline. >> the idea developed many years ago to again bring that local flavor in and have some fun, generate, you know, some excitement and certainly from a vantage point that a lot of people can see from all over the place. >> reporter: so next time you're in the city, look up at your bay area teams flying high. hey, sorry, ken bastida. but i think i got this good question answered. at the top of the san francisco skyline, zach heene, cbs 5. >> we just bigfooted him! >> there is also a great weathervane. >> i use the flags every, single day. i use trees as well to see which direction the wind is blowing in. so i have noticed those flags
6:47 pm
for many, many years our they change them up. >> i have them right out my window. >> i have to tell you something. i saw those flags changed about two hours ago and i knew your weather was going to be cooling down because we are now under the influence enough of the redeveloping area of low clouds and fog. downtown san jose, currently 89.the bay due weather, the low clouds, the patchy fog, that is now developing. bayside in oakland 77 degrees for oakland raiders action. 75 degrees at candlestick for the 49ers. now, today, we had a high temperature of 104 degrees in pleasanton. that's according to sheryl stark who sent in this picture and i want to remind all of you, you can play along with us here at cbs 5 by sending your pictures to out and about this evening,
6:48 pm
temperatures with the low clouds now moving into the seashore, numbers are dropping into the 60s. we are still 80s bayside and inland temperatures still in the 90s. this is interesting our satellite. you will notice the picture begins t fade at sunset. you get the idea that pacifica is now socked in. otherwise, we still are under the influence of high pressure. that will keep our temperatures inland still on the toasty side. it will yet be another "spare the air" day for our friday, the third consecutive day a little bit of stagnant air quality. but here's our pinpoint forecast. tomorrow morning sunrise at 6:40. low clouds at the bay and inland. it's a shallow deck of low clouds and fog but a lot to lower our temperatures for friday. tonight with the patchy fog and low clouds at the shore 50s. upper 50s inland.
6:49 pm
daytime highs 90 in campbell. 60s and 70s at the seashore. east of the bay anywhere from 74 degrees in berkeley to an outside number of 96 in brentwood where today we had a high temperature of 104 degrees. otherwise, to the north of the golden gate bridge, 67 partial coastal clearing in stinson beach to 90 degrees in sonoma. okay. a little a bit of hint for you here. labor day, mild inland, cooler at the coast, mid-60s beaches to 84 inland. also, you want the full forecast? here it is from the coast to the bay to the inland areas. looks like seasonal temperatures sunday and monday. a bonus and throwing in a couple of extra days for you, we see clearly that our numbers become below average by wednesday and thursday. and that, gang, is your pinpoint forecast. >> all right. we'll take it. thanks, roberta. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5, tased in his own home.
6:50 pm
a 64-year-old marin county man with a heart condition turned by police. why officers say they had no -- stunned by police. why officers say they had no choice. as in new york, oakland hoping to avoid a four-game sweep. we'll check in with dennis and eric in the booth who are having a blast. dennis with the binos early. we'll go out for an update. sports is next. ,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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then they play for keeps.. you can see the niners right here get ready for real football coming up. one more preseason game and then they will be playing for keeps. you can see the 9ers here on cbs 5 in about 5 minutes. let's go to candlestick and check in with dennis o'donnell. great to have you back at cbs 5, gary. it's great to have the final preseason game here. it's coming off fireworks at 49er headquarters between crabtree and davis. you're just about as inside as anybody else.
6:54 pm
they will get through this. what will come out of it? >> they will definitely get through it. that's part of football that's what happens in training camp. things get heated. guys have those conversation. they fixed this they get into the season. they are just showing they are ready to hit somebody else. >> tonight we'll have anthony dixson as a runningback. he is going to be micked up. he might say anything. >> absolutely. he may say anything and me being a southern kid i may have to translate some of it for you guys so that you understand exactly what he is trying to get across. >> we're often a five-second tape delay. the 49ers and service chargers next on cbs 5. gary, welcome back. >> good to be back. can't wait for the game. early-morning baseball in the bronx and not since simple minds brought don't you forget about me ♪ and the year was -- 1985 when the as swept the series. >> breakfast club. >> a bat in the stands.
6:55 pm
look at this lady, oh, my gosh. she almost got hit on the head. cc sabathia won 16 straight at yankee stadium. his league leading 19th victory. year. nick swisher left with a stiff knee and curtis granderson hits a home run as well as as a home run in the next inning. the yankees swept with a 5-0 victory. the giants start a three- game series against the dodgers in los angeles. three games behind the struggling padres who dropped 7. a big reason for this is a rookie who made his mlb debut darren ford. ♪ [ music ] >> have you driven a ford lately ♪ >> ford is going to go... and it's into the left field! [ applause and cheers ] the giants take the lead!
6:56 pm
>> there you go. just like that. darren ford arrived in the second inning and bruce bochy put him in the game to pinch run. you like him? absolutely. and boy, does he have a lot of speed. he scored the game winning run, believe it or not. it was ford's first time in a major league yard. never been there before. after the game, he reflected on his delayed flight. >> kind of had a conversation with a couple of girls on the flight. >> cute ones? >> on the flight, you know, with a couple of friends, some girlfriends. and then it kept me busy a little bit from the long flight, you know, took a little nap and, you know, i came here. i was ready to go. >> how did it feel crossing the plate? >> it felt great. you know, just, uhm, it was just like winning the world series. >> awww. >> in case you missed a great brawl from last night's nationals, marlins game. chris threw behind morgan. look at that. he charged him out. look at this. whoa. missed that one. first baseman sanchez close
6:57 pm
lines morgan. looked more like a wwe outing. and expect major league baseball to throw down a suspension tomorrow. 95 degrees at flushing meadows for the u.s. open. second seed roger federer took on andres beck. he takes out beck in straight sets only needing one hour and 45 minutes. quick work strolling comfortably in the third round. federer remember trying to make his 7th u.s. open final. so there you go. u.s. open tennis, football, everything going on fantastic. >> we are going right to the game in a little bit. >> i have my summer cut going. [ laughter ] >> it's hot enough for it. >> summer is almost over. >> great timing. >> gary, good to have you back. >> well, we got football kicking off in a few minutes at candlestick. >> let's go there early! >> football! >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. ,,
6:58 pm
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